Angry customer wonders if you tested your software before release. Testing is the only way inject quality into your product!
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Level Up Quality: Testaify Enables Continuous Comprehensive Testing

Imagine a scenario where your customers are frustrated. No, they’re angry. They’re experiencing issues with your product and are not shy about telling you. “Did you even test this?” they ask, to your embarrassment. But the problem isn’t a lack of testers. It’s the size and complexity of your product. Testing, that crucial step between your product and customer satisfaction, is broken, and product quality can’t be solved by willpower alone.We’ve all been caught between the goal of a high-quality product and the reality of too much to test before release. You could have a hundred testers and still not thoroughly test your product. This gap is the issue that Continuous Comprehensive Testing (CCT) wants to solve.

Take a step back: Do you have a way to measure the quality of your product? Can you define and quantify what “quality” means for your software? If not, you’re navigating a landscape without a map.

CCT is the ultimate goal of the modern software development process. It’s the ability to relentlessly test and verify your product’s quality. It’s like having a safety net that stretches underneath your product, ready to catch the defects that can evade even the most diligent testers. The reality is that CCT has been a pipedream for years. 

Testers must follow a multi-faceted strategy that leverages different methodologies to even approach CCT. But most testers don’t have the necessary expertise or time. This is where Testaify steps in. 

Testaify is a risk mitigation tool that fixes the problem of testing (poorly designed tests), so you can take the guesswork out of assessing product quality. Our AI-based testing platform natively understands all testing techniques. It can provide the horsepower to find the defects before they compromise your product’s quality. Testaify will model your system and then create all the necessary test cases that assess your software. This is a strategy grounded in risk management. AI has the power to prioritize what needs testing the most.

Better yet, Testaify offers a quantifiable measure of quality that gives you a clear view of the before and after so that you can empirically determine the impact of code changes on your product’s health. Because how many releases have you sent out into the world without truly knowing their quality? Maybe someone nodded sagely, “This release is good.” Good? What’s good? Or perhaps you released code to production even though your best tester was stressed to the point of reaching for antacids as your management team crossed their fingers, praying nothing would blow up. Yeech. 

Continuous Comprehensive Testing is a commitment to excellence that’s been out of reach for too long. That’s why we’re here. Soon, you’ll use Testaify to offer your users a safer, smoother journey. Testaify makes Continuous and Comprehensive Testing possible, enabling you to keep up with user requests while upping your quality game. You’ll even toss the Tums. Stop praying for quality. Do better with Testaify. Join the waitlist today!

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Rafael E Santos is Testaify's COO. He's committed to a vision for Testaify: Delivering Continuous Comprehensive Testing through Testaify's AI-first testing platform.Testaify founder and COO Rafael E. Santos is a Stevie Award winner whose decades-long career includes strategic technology and product leadership roles. Rafael's goal for Testaify is to deliver Continuous Comprehensive Testing through Testaify's AI-first platform, which will change testing forever. Before Testaify, Rafael held executive positions at organizations like Ultimate Software and Trimble eBuilder.

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