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Founder Rafael E. Santos is a Stevie Award winner whose 27-year career includes strategic technology and product leadership roles. As CTO, Rafael oversaw the successful $500M acquisition of e-Builder and defined the technology upgrade strategy for future growth. He's now taking his start-up experience to the next level with Testaify, which will fix testing forever.

Will AI make some testing roles obsolete in the future?

Could AI testing tools make some testing roles obsolete in the future?

· 3 min read

In my previous blog post, I discussed how current AI testing tools hav...

First generation AI/ML tools made big promises, but they didn't solve testing's fundamental issues.

The AI Software Testing Market, Part I - The Early Days

· 4 min read

When discussing the unique aspects of our Testaify product compared to...

Testers shouldn't fear AI testing tools; they support testers' testing goals!

Embracing AI Testing Tools: A New Frontier for Testers

· 3 min read

In the last few years, I have participated in discussions about AI tes...

This tech executive is happy because Testaify's AI-based testing platform allows his team to meet testing thresholds to test comprehensively as part of the QA process.

Using Pairwise Testing to determine how many tests you need

· 3 min read

Part 2: Do we need test case reduction in a Testaify AI/ML world? In P...

A solemn technology executive considers the risks and rewards of using AI for software testing efforts.

Do we need test case reduction in a Testaify AI/ML world?

· 3 min read

Part 1: How testing techniques help testing efficiency Recently, we de...

Navigating executive personalities can be challenging as you pursue software quality through testing efforts.

Handling Five Different Executive Personalities in Testing

· 4 min read

A Guide to Navigating Executive Personalities Over the past 23 years, ...

AI is coming to the rescue to test software autonomously.

AI to the Rescue: AI Tests Software

· 3 min read

In a previous blog post, I discussed the evolution of testing your sof...

Cynefin helps us navigate contextual complexity.

Navigating Contextual Complexity with Cynefin

· 4 min read

A few weeks back, a friend asked me about the SDLC (Software Developme...

Black box and White box testing terms have too many limits imposed on them.

Time to Challenge the Testing Orthodoxy

· 4 min read

Here are my issues with the White Box and Black Box testing terms. As ...

Behavior driven development forms test cases with Given, When, and Then clauses.

Why is Behavior Driven Development (BDD) not used by most agile teams?

· 4 min read

My journey in Agile software development began in 2004 and has been a ...