Testaify is an AI-first software product testing platform that will help you realize your goal of continuous functional testing.

Transform your functional testing with Testaify’s Functional for Web.

Testaify is set to revolutionize the world of testing. Embrace the future with Testaify Functional for Web, where autonomous app discovery, test generation, and test execution transcends traditional manual testing and test automation workflows Our platform, powered by AI, delivers test as a service, turning the pursuit of quality from a pipedream into a tangible deliverable. Welcome to a new era of functional testing.

Join the testing revolution.

You can trial Testaify Functional for Web for just $199 per successful run. We’re already testing with selected partners. Register now to be first in line when we release it for general use.


AI-Driven Functional Testing Makes Teams Happy

Achievement unlocked: Your dev team is buzzing! They're using a new tool, Testaify Functional for Web, and they're thriving! Witness the transformation as they leverage the power of autonomous functional testing: Your developers and testers have replaced test automation, script writing, and script maintenance by using AI for testing!  

Discover the impact of AI-driven testing strategies and the practical application of use case testing, leading to unprecedented advancements in your projects.

Enhanced Software Quality

Software quality is rising release after release, and your overall throughput is accelerating.

Data-Driven Insights

You have trended data to confidently answer tough questions about defect trends and product quality.

Increased Productivity

Your team is focused and productive on validating and fixing defects, not busy work. 

Data-Backed Release Confidence

You know your product is ready for release based on data, not someone’s intuition. 

Technology executives know that better data means better decisions. Testaify Functional for Web gives development teams access to continuous functional testing.

Unlock continuous AI-driven functional testing.

Testaify makes it possible for high-performing teams to do even more.

You don't need additional headcount or tools to optimize your functional testing efforts. Your team doesn't need to write or maintain test scripts. Instead, developers and testers can concentrate on analyzing test findings to address bugs ahead of your next release. 

Expect a shift in your customer base: Over time, you'll notice your users are submitting feature requests (because they love your product and want more more more). They're no longer complaining about customer-found defects that are broken (or still broken). Ooo, user satisfaction and engagement for the win!

With Testaify, you’ve got an army of AI worker bees at your disposal. AI worker bees are efficient, effective, knowledgeable, tireless, and produce some sweet results. This innovative testing solution delivers a seamless and efficient functional testing experience. Optimize your testing process with our test as a service platform! You can trial Testaify Functional for Web for just $199 per successful run!

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Your product is the hero of our story.

How does Testaify Functional for Web work? This unique testing platform is based on purpose-built artificial intelligence. Our AI-first approach to testing means you can offload your testing process to AI and focus on higher-value work: validation, exploration, and new development. Learn more about how Testaify Functional for Web works by clicking on the headers below.

AI-Powered Discovery Engine

AI-Powered Test Case Development

AI-Powered Test Input Data Creation

AI-Powered Test Execution

Findings Reports


Rafael E. Santos explains why AI is so special: it allows us to solve continuous functional testing with a tool instead of with more people.

For the first time in history, AI allows us to solve the testing problem with a tool instead of with more people." 

Rafael E. Santos
COO, Testaify, Inc.

Rafael E. Santos, Testaify's COO, shares a vision for Continuous Comprehensive Testing. Our goal is to transform testing forever so that software product quality can finally live up to users' expectations.

Testaify is already testing with development partners. Be the first in line when Testaify Functional for Web moves to general release. 🐝

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Our vision for Testaify is to deliver Continuous Comprehensive Testing. 

As we reach for the CCT star, we know we can deliver meaningful benefits to development teams. Our packages match your release schedule to give you flexibility. When you test with the Starter Package, you can run tests up to eight times for just $199 per successful run! Expect benefits like these: 

Productivity gains are real when you offload functional testing to Testaify's AI worker bees.

Productivity Multiplier

When you offload your functional testing to Testaify, your team skips the time- and energy-consuming work that attends traditional testing efforts:

  • Test design and test input data generation
  • Script writing, maintenance, and deployment

Let your devs follow their bliss: coding, innovation, and cat memes.

Multitasking kills productivity. When your team can focus on findings instead of testing, continuous functional testing becomes the reality, not the goal.

No More Multitasking

We integrate with your CI/CD pipelines so that your development team can test continuously and achieve greater test coverage with better-designed tests.

No more trying to work on other projects while also watching fragile test automation scripts run and jumping in when something breaks. Your team will appreciate Testaify’s specific feedback on failures. They can quickly validate defects and transition to fixing bugs. Now that’s awesomesauce. 

Functional testing methodologies are difficult to learn. Offloading functional testing to Testaify's AI-first testing platform gives your team a genuine leg up.

All the Testing Methodologies

Let’s get real. Bugs are lurking where we least expect them. (Can someone say “rollback”?) It’s like cleaning in a well-lit room, but then turning out the lights and flipping on that blue light… You see all the “WHAT IS THAT” you missed. But let’s skip the crime scene jokes and highlight how our AI worker bees can create more tests (and higher-quality tests.) based on testing methodologies like: 

  • Equivalence class testing
  • Boundary value testing
  • State transition testing
  • And more
You'll release more confidently when you have data that shows consistent software quality improvements. Now that's continuous functi

Actionable Intelligence

Testaify doesn’t throw data at you; it hands you the keys to the quality kingdom. When your team logs in to review test failures, they’ll know where to start. As they review the results of the prior test session, they can analyze tests or findings categorized by test methodology, like state transition. From there, they can review the steps to replicate the test (or watch the playback), validate the defect, and get started on the fixes.

This actionable intelligence will help you zap potential issues and make your product shine brighter. There’s nothing more beautiful than rising quality indicators. And your product’s the star.

You can have autonomous software testing without blowing the budget.

Budget Protection

The old way of testing required more people, more tools, more training, more budget, more budget, and more budget.

At Testaify, we believe it’s possible to unlock testing excellence without bloating the budget or breaking the bank.

You can trial Testaify with the Starter package for just $199/successful run. Or experience unlimited testing on up to two apps for less than the cost of a single outsourced tester. Testaify makes your testing efforts heroically cost-effective.

Stopwatches are no match for Testaify! Connect your web app instance quickly and get to testing.

Warp Speed Set-Up

In a world where time is money, Testaify lives at warp speed.

You can connect your app to our platform in about 5 minutes and start testing immediately – no waiting, no delays, no months-long learning curve while you train our AI.

Just add your web app’s development environment URL, username, and password, and you’re ready.  If this sounds impossible, then set your phasers to STUNNED! When you give your team Testaify, you'll all reap the benefits.

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Transform your functional testing by giving your team Testaify Functional for Web.

Let your product be the star it was always meant to be. Trial Testaify Functional for Web for just $199/successful run. We’re already testing with selected partners. Register now to know when Testaify is available in general release.