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Get ready to bring Testaify into your development process

As a developer, you know how important it is to maintain an efficient and streamlined workflow. While some teams hesitate to try new tools (especially if they promise to disrupt established processes), you probably seek new tools! Whatever might speed things up, simplify repetitive tasks, or make your day easier is worth a try. Isn’t that why you’re such a big fan of automation? 

Here’s a meme I recently saw on Reddit that made me laugh: 

This meme features a  guy (a programmer) looking at a butterfly (representing a task that takes more than 5 minutes), thinking, "Can this be automated?"

One comment reads, “The point of automating isn’t just timesaving. It’s making sure that the task is repeatable without stupid human error. Automating it lets you audit what will happen first.” Amen! 

So, let’s talk about testing, tools, and your development workflow. Everyone knows testing is essential; it’s one key aspect of quality. We ask you: 

Why automate test scripts when you can automate everything? 

The Testaify platform, crafted by software engineers with a robust background in quality assurance, offers a distinctive set of features that you may not have encountered before. It seamlessly integrates into your existing development process and can be smoothly incorporated into your CI/CD pipeline, enhancing your workflow without causing disruptions. Its AI-driven functional testing capabilities are unmatched, making it a valuable addition to your testing toolkit.

Integrating Testaify into your workflow is a breeze.

1. Simple Setup

Integrating Testaify into your existing development process is a straightforward process. Simply provide your test web application's URL and authentication credentials, and Testaify’s AI Discovery Engine will take over. It will autonomously model your application, allowing the Testaify AI to understand how it works. This eliminates the need for extensive manual setup and configuration, learning a new DSL, or giving access to your source code to the testing tool. Most users can start testing within just five minutes. 

If you want to get fancy (and you should), you can add test users by username and password and assign roles to make your test sessions more effective. Regardless, the initial integration is quick and painless by design.

2. Continuous Integration Compatibility Coming Soon!

Our roadmap considers your needs: Via API, you can launch a Testaify test session on demand. This functionality will enable Testaify to become part of your continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) pipeline. With Testaify in your continuous integration pipeline, testing will become integral to your development process. Wait until you see how Testaify simplifies defect remediation. Keep reading!

Use Testaify to improve your development workflow.

1. Automated Discovery and Testing

Once you’ve configured Testaify, our AI Discovery Engine will continuously model your test web application each time you launch a new test session. This approach ensures that any changes or updates to your code are immediately identified and absorbed without needing to revise test automation scripts or otherwise intervene in the testing process. When discovery is complete, Testaify’s AI Execution Engine will generate and run test cases, covering many scenarios using proven testing methodologies.

2. Focus on Strategic Tasks

What will you do with all the time you used to devote to manual testing or writing and maintaining test automation scripts? We have some ideas: new products! New features! By automating discovery, test case generation, and execution processes, Testaify frees you up to work on strategic, shift-left tasks like behavior-driven development (BDD) and feature design.

3. Quick Feedback and Resolution

So, with all this talk about autonomous discovery and test runs, are you curious about what happens next? Where do you fit back into the testing process? Well, right here. Testaify provides detailed test results, which we call findings, after every test session. You know your product. You know your users. You know how your users interact with your product and can make a judgment call on findings to validate whether the finding is a defect. Testaify findings help you think critically about how your product works so that you can adjust how you do things. You can see screenshots of where a test failed, read test steps, or watch a test replay to replicate the finding easily. You will wonder why you used to spend so much time reverse-engineering defect reproduction steps.

If your review determines a defect, you can prioritize and resolve it. Use the share via notification and email to share validated defects with other team members for remediation. This rapid feedback loop ensures that defects get identified and addressed promptly, improving the overall quality of your product. Testaify will ensure the defect is retested within every test session moving forward, guaranteeing you have a comprehensive regression test suite.

4. Continuous Testing

Testaify has pricing plans designed to keep up with your release schedule. You can use Testaify for free on the Essentials plan, test on demand with the Flex plan, or test as much as you want with the Growth plan. Testaify allows you to achieve continuous testing! With Testaify, you can confidently move forward with releases because you know the critical issues that would irritate your users (or even cause them to churn!) were caught and resolved.

Testaify can make a significant impact on your testing process.

With Testaify, you’ll improve product quality and have more time for the work you love, such as writing new code. Say goodbye to tedious tasks like test automation scripts. Using the best tool for your testing and quality goals will make you a rockstar in your team. 

Integrating Testaify with your existing development and CI/CD pipeline is seamless and straightforward. Our AI-first platform enhances your workflow by automating labor-intensive testing processes, providing rapid feedback, and freeing you up for strategic work. With Testaify, you can achieve continuous testing without breaking a sweat (or the bank). You’ll achieve better product quality and faster time-to-market.

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Lisa Fatolitis is Testaify's marketing director and loves to be on the forefront of the AI revolution. Let's change testing forever! Lisa Fatolitis, Testaify's marketing director, is excited to be with this team on the front lines of the AI revolution. She has an MBA with a marketing emphasis and a BA in Medieval History, two cats, and loves designing marketing programs that unite products with the people who need them. Lisa is a certified product owner. 

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