Sheryl, a fictional tester, is a system thinker who's able to see the big picture when it comes to her product. How will AI support system thinkers like Sheryl? By turning them into Beekeepers!
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Testaify, System Thinkers, and Exploratory Testing

Hi, tester: You’re a system thinker. How do we know? Because you’re always upset with the rest of the team. You see the connections they missed. You feel like you are missing a lot of tests to achieve the level of quality you want. When a developer says, “You do not need to test that story; my unit tests cover everything,” you start laughing, but just in your head. You love Exploratory Testing. It’s what makes you happy at work. You know there are always more tests.

In one of my past roles, we had an outstanding tester named Sheryl. Leaders from across the organization would go to Sheryl to learn about the quality of the product's next release. If she said, “I am still testing," we should not release.

Granted, Sheryl always wanted to keep doing exploratory testing. She always had more tests. She thought about tests while having lunch, brushing her teeth, and even washing her hair.

Testaify is for people like Sheryl. Testaify exists for you. It’s a tool for system thinkers who just want to have the time to explore the product thoroughly. No, that’s NOT too much to ask.

With Testaify, your level of frustration will decline. You can finally test all those missing paths and find all the issues you know your customers will see. Now, you are empowered to test more. We know you take it personally when your product moves into production with defects. Testaify will give you a cape and help you become a superhero because you’ll finally have superpowers. 

Testaify connects you to AI workers. Testaify’s AI worker bees natively understand all testing methodologies so you can manage the testing process. Testaify’s worker bees model your software, generate and execute tests, and report on potential defects. You’ll review the tests and results and take action to fix valid defects. When your team adjusts or develops new code, Testaify will re-evaluate the system, catching any new defects. 

Feedback about potential defects will give you ideas and expand your test coverage. Are you sitting down? Imagine setting your testing to ludicrous mode. No more: “We do not have time to add another thousand tests, Sheryl; you must stop.” You can generate and execute those thousand tests before your team notices.

You’ll take on the role of Beekeeper, managing your tireless hive that’s delivering sweet results: objective feedback that helps devs focus on what matters so that they have more time for new features and products! At the same time, you will have more time for exploratory testing that allows you to find those rare defects that no one thought about except you.

AI workers can generate exponentially more tests, accelerating the time to find defects and making measurable quality enhancements possible! This platform will eliminate expensive tools like test automation and test case management that bog you down. We will also streamline the testing process by reducing coordination costs, time-consuming test script maintenance, and tedious documentation. 

Are you interested? You know you are. So, join the waitlist and be part of the revolution of testing!

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Rafael E Santos is Testaify's COO. He's committed to a vision for Testaify: Delivering Continuous Comprehensive Testing through Testaify's AI-first testing platform.Testaify founder and COO Rafael E. Santos is a Stevie Award winner whose decades-long career includes strategic technology and product leadership roles. Rafael's goal for Testaify is to deliver Continuous Comprehensive Testing through Testaify's AI-first platform, which will change testing forever. Before Testaify, Rafael held executive positions at organizations like Ultimate Software and Trimble eBuilder.

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