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Form follows function when usability testing is done well.

Why is Usability Testing so Hard?

· 4 min read

AI to the Rescue - Part 8 This blog post is the eighth in a long serie...

Five stars!

Is Quality Engineering Another Buzzword to Sell You More Stuff?

· 4 min read

If you follow the software testing industry like I do, you are probabl...

The original iPhone was an inflection point in technology: It changed the world. We believe Testaify is the next inflection point as we pursue our goal of Continuous Comprehensive Testing.

Testaify and the Ever-Rising Quality Standard

· 3 min read

In 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone. In Fred Vogelstein’s book Dogfig...

AI will soon conduct your performance testing. How will your workflow change when AI can do the busy work? What high-value work will you prefer to do?

How AI Performance Testing Works

· 3 min read

AI to the Rescue - Part 7 This blog post is the seventh in a long seri...

PSSR, or PSR for short, helps us know how to ask tough performance testing questions.

Performance Testing: What about Scalability, Stability, & Reliability?

· 3 min read

AI to the Rescue - Part 5 This blog post is the fifth in a long series...

A conductor waves his baton over performance testing efforts.

How to Conduct Performance Testing

· 5 min read

AI to the Rescue! - Part 4 This blog post is the fourth in a long seri...

A rocket ship flies over a speedometer, signifying performance testing.

What is Performance Testing?

· 4 min read

AI to the Rescue! - Part 3 This blog post is the third in a long serie...

Steve, a fictional technology executive, has one eyebrow raised and a question mark behind him.

Turn Testing into a Productivity Powerhouse (like Steve!)

· 3 min read

In the first part of this post, we discussed how Steve shares three te...

Steve, a fictional technology executive, needs to teach his peers about product quality: not all defects are equal, testing is sampling, and there is no perfect software.

Ready to Teach Your Exec Team about Product Quality? Follow Steve!

· 5 min read

As a technology executive, one of your primary responsibilities is kee...

There's chairs in a row and a sign that points to becoming a tester vs all other careers.

Make the Most of Your Career Change into Software Testing

· 3 min read

If you ask the internet, “Why are so many testers career changers?” yo...