Join us as we celebrate the successful close of our pre-see funding round at 130% of goal!
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AI-based testing company Testaify, Inc. secures $650k in pre-seed funding, positioned for a breakthrough in the software testing process.

MIAMI, Sept. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Testaify, Inc., an innovative AI-driven software testing platform, is proud to announce the successful closure of its pre-seed funding round, surpassing its initial goal by 30%. The company has raised an impressive $650,000 in investments, marking a significant milestone on its journey to transform software testing forever.Led by a team of seasoned technology leaders with decades of experience managing significant development and testing teams, Testaify's mission is to enable software companies to develop high-quality software by solving the fundamental issue with software testing: poorly designed tests. "AI gives us the power to model the product, design test cases, generate test scripts, and execute tests in a fraction of the time, freeing developers to build features," says founder Rafael E. Santos. He explains, "Because our AI offering intrinsically understands all of the testing methodologies, companies will achieve their quality testing goals while releasing better software more quickly."

The company's recent funding success coincides with its establishment in Miami, Florida, a tech hub known for innovation and technological advancements. The raised capital enables strategic hires in marketing and AI/machine learning.

Mr. Santos says, "Our pre-seed round achievement is a testament to our investors' enthusiasm and commitment to Testaify's potential to disrupt the software testing landscape. As technology leaders, we want more than incremental software quality improvement as the ROI for significant investment in tools and people. The status quo hires more testers who need expensive tools to be productive. Testaify sells testing, not people, and requires no additional tooling." He adds, "We are thrilled, humbled, and grateful to have secured this funding which will drive the development of our product and bring us one step closer to realizing our vision."

Testaify is poised to make a significant impact in the software development industry. The company's innovative approach, combined with its successful pre-seed funding round and strategic positioning, underscores Testaify's potential to reshape the future of software testing. Interested parties may join the Testaify waitlist by visiting

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