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Carlos, a business developer, will thrive with Testaify.

How can you empower business developers like Carlos?

· 4 min read

More than 12 years ago, one of the authors of the Agile Manifesto clai...

The Marick Test Matrix provides the framework to think about testing in all its glory!

Gain Time to Shift Left with Continuous Comprehensive Testing!

· 5 min read

Agile testing is the most important innovation that emerged from the A...

There are 16 quality reasons why Testaify helps devs and sales.

16 Quality Reasons Why Devs and Sales Need Testaify to Get Along

· 3 min read

Have you seen this meme about software development? Of course, you hav...

Sheryl, a fictional tester, is a system thinker who's able to see the big picture when it comes to her product. How will AI support system thinkers like Sheryl? By turning them into Beekeepers!

Testaify, System Thinkers, and Exploratory Testing

· 2 min read

Hi, tester: You’re a system thinker. How do we know? Because you’re al...

The many aspects of software testing, including functional,  usability, performance, accessibility, and security testing, come together under a single umbrella: Continuous Comprehensive Testing. CCT is our vision for what Testaify, our AI-first software testing platform, will do.

What is Continuous Comprehensive Testing?

· 2 min read

One of Testaify’s values is BOLDNESS. We are committed to developing a...

Join us as we celebrate the successful close of our pre-see funding round at 130% of goal!


· 1 min read

AI-based testing company Testaify, Inc. secures $650k in pre-seed fund...

Angry customer wonders if you tested your software before release. Testing is the only way inject quality into your product!

Level Up Quality: Testaify Enables Continuous Comprehensive Testing

· 2 min read

Imagine a scenario where your customers are frustrated. No, they’re an...

Testing is broken. Continuous functional testing is out of reach. Or is it? This broken bone can be set right with Testaify, our AI-first testing platform.

Testing is broken.

· 3 min read

I love testing, but at the same time, I know testing is broken. Throug...

Will AI take over the world and cost all of our jobs? No way! AI will help us to work smarter and harder! Our robot overlords will be productivity support assets.

Let’s See What this AI Thing Will Do!

· 3 min read

Let’s get real. I missed it last November when ChatGPT launched. When ...