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Is quality assurance better today than it was 20 years ago?

Is software quality assurance better today than 20 years ago?

· 3 min read

Is QA good enough? Part 1 While looking at Threads, I saw this message...

Culture is the missing quality attribute that we don't consider when it comes to product quality.

A Quality Journey and the Missing Quality Attribute: Culture

· 5 min read

While writing one of my blog posts about CCT (Continuous Comprehensive...

Is it a finding or a defect, a butterfly or a cockroach? Whatever it is, savvy developers use their judgment to improve product quality.

Is it a Finding or a Defect?

· 2 min read

Countdown to Testaify Functional for Web We have significantly progres...

The AI revolution will help inexperienced testers and developers most. It will also free up experienced resources to focus on high-value work as you work toward your goal of Continuous Functional Testing.

QA Leaders: AI can help your team become better testers!

· 3 min read

As you all know, we are in the early days of the AI revolution. At the...

Usability splash page on a computer monitor as a person gets to work.

Can AI Help with Usability Testing?

· 4 min read

AI to the Rescue - Part 9 This blog post is the ninth in a long series...

Form follows function when usability testing is done well.

Why is Usability Testing so Hard?

· 9 min read


Five stars!

Is Quality Engineering Another Buzzword to Sell You More Stuff?

· 4 min read

If you follow the software testing industry like I do, you are probabl...

The original iPhone was an inflection point in technology: It changed the world. We believe Testaify is the next inflection point as we pursue our goal of Continuous Comprehensive Testing.

Testaify and the Ever-Rising Quality Standard

· 3 min read

In 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone. In Fred Vogelstein’s book Dogfig...

AI will soon conduct your performance testing. How will your workflow change when AI can do the busy work? What high-value work will you prefer to do?

How AI Performance Testing Works

· 3 min read

AI is Coming to the Rescue! If you've read through our thoughts on per...

A rocket ship flies over a speedometer, signifying performance testing.

What is Performance Testing?

· 14 min read

TABLE OF CONTENTS Part 1 - It is Time to Talk About Performance Do you...