Will AI take over the world and cost all of our jobs? No way! AI will help us to work smarter and harder! Our robot overlords will be productivity support assets.
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Let’s See What this AI Thing Will Do!

Let’s get real. I missed it last November when ChatGPT launched. When I finally crawled out from under my rock and looked around, my first thought was, “Oh man, my days as a copywriter are numbered.” Now that some months have passed, and I’ve had plenty of time to play with ChatGPT, I’m excited to say I won’t be replaced. Instead, I’ve gained a personal assistant!

People are nervous about AI. Will AI blow up our jobs? Will AI be more intelligent than us? Will AI turn on us? I think of Asimov and his three laws of robotics; how do we get everyone to agree this is a good idea? (It seems like someone thought of it; gathering this many big brains in one place can’t be that easy …)

It’s true: AI will change our work forever. But consider every significant innovation of the modern era: For every breakthrough that changed our jobs, whole industries popped up to transform our societies. A few months ago, as we discussed these potential changes, one of my colleagues reminded us, “In the first half of the 20th century, people used to have a job called ‘Bowling Pin Setter.’” 

We sure did. We also had lamplighters that lit gas street lights and farriers on every corner when people traveled by horse and buggy. Do these roles still exist today? Yes, of course. But look at how life has evolved: bowling via video game controller, the entire electric ecosystem from lights to power generation. How about car manufacturers, mechanics, car washes, and after-market parts? I don’t have enough time to list the industries that we now take for granted that grew out of major technological shifts. 

Our fears of AI-driven job devastation will likewise deliver a reality where AI creates new roles and shapes entirely new industries. I look forward to seeing what that means for me and our society. In the meantime, I’m using AI daily. Where I initially thought I would be replaced, now I realize that my productivity can be augmented. I’m using ChatGPT to provide the starting point. Then I rewrite, rethink, rework, and reset everything it delivers because it’s much easier to edit than create. I can see the forest AND the trees. 

As my conversation progresses with ChatGPT, I’m seeing more and more of my style come through in its suggestions. As a result, ChatGPT has become an ally, an assistant, and a tool that I leverage with gusto, even though its ideas rarely survive my markup. Though I used none of Chat’s original draft, I do agree with its declaration: “In a world where businesses constantly seek that edge to stand out, AI emerges as a transformative force that augments marketing strategies, accelerates idea development, and bolsters the efforts of modern multitasking teams.”

It’s this “transformative force” that gets me so excited about Testaify. Testaify’s AI-based testing platform is being crafted by AI and machine learning experts to solve the issue of testing once and for all. This isn’t ChatGPT on steroids; it’s a purpose-built discovery engine that models your software, writes tests, and executes them. 

Unlike how I use ChatGPT and then ignore all of its suggestions, when testers and developers receive feedback from Testaify on potential defects, the insights will be actionable and impact product quality. This is the beginning of the revolution in testing. 

So, are you interested in taking on the role of Beekeeper as you manage the testing process using Testaify’s worker bees? If you are, you won’t need a special hat. In fact, you can take a few hats off: No more being a test script writer, test script reviewer, test script maintainer, collision avoider, input data creator, or input data defender. All those hats that frustrate you or slow you down can be dropped into a deep, dark corner, never to be seen again. Whew! 

So, let’s enjoy the ride! AI is here to stay, and we’ll increasingly depend on it. We’ll watch new industries form and grow and reap so many benefits as a society. That’s especially true of Testaify within the software development process. It’s time to join the waitlist to be among the first to reap Testaify’s sweet rewards. #testaify #buzzworthy #AIworkers #quality

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Lisa Fatolitis is Testaify's marketing director and loves to be on the forefront of the AI revolution. Let's change testing forever! Lisa Fatolitis, Testaify's marketing director, is excited to be with this team on the front lines of the AI revolution. She has an MBA with a marketing emphasis and a BA in Medieval History, two cats, and loves designing marketing programs that unite products with the people who need them. Lisa is a certified product owner. 

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