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Achieve your product quality goals.

We're here to change testing for good.

Testaify stands out because we have strategically designed our platform to address the shortcomings of the current test process.

Testaify will replace test automation software altogether and provide a user- and budget-friendly SaaS solution that meaningfully improves the testing process within two or three test cycles.

Our customers will save time and money. More importantly, testers will experience a renaissance of productivity that improves tester/developer collaboration and raises CSAT. 

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Release on schedule and have a better product visibility than ever.

Testaify will transform software testing. What will that mean for your organization? Better collaboration between testers and developers,  more metrics and transparency into your roadmap, and on-time releases. When your testers can orchestrate the test process the way they've always dreamed, sweet things happen. We think that's buzzworthy.

Executive realizes profitability gains with Testaify-1

Do right by shifting left.

Achieving this Agile mantra is within reach.

In the continuum of Agile development, you can test before release (right) or at concept (left).
Every Agile organization wants to shift left because catching defects before too much code is written is much cheaper and bakes quality into the very architecture of the product, making customers happy and increasing profitability. 
For many software development organizations, Shifting Left is a goal that's totally out of reach. Because testing is broken, the job is too big: Most teams have too much testing work. They stay on the right side, testing at the end. Testaify changes that equation. As Testaify's AI workers suddenly take care of testing before release, testers, wearing their Beekeeper hats, are freed up to test concepts and pursue strategic efforts like behavior-driven testing (BDD)! Shifting left is achieved! 
Testaify frees up testers to focus on strategic work like BDD.
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