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16 Quality Reasons Why Devs and Sales Need Testaify to Get Along

Have you seen this meme about software development? Of course, you have. It’s no secret that developers hate salespeople for over-committing to close the deal. Meanwhile, the sales team thinks devs are working on ‘the wrong things’ (which is anything that doesn’t help close THIS sale). In one of my prior roles, an organization approached my company asking for the option to white label training. If we could do it, the resulting deals could have reached close to eight figures. The Enterprise sales team was ready to go! The sales engineers were cautiously optimistic. But then the product and development teams put the kibosh on the plan: Making that change would change the branding for EVERYONE, not just that customer. The product architecture couldn’t handle this ‘feature request’ because it would require a total platform rewrite. The development team couldn’t commit to a workaround. There were too few developers and too many bugs, issues, and product requests on the docket for the next three fiscal years. Sorry, not sorry. 

It’s a tale as old as time, right? Sales and development can’t seem to see eye to eye. Sales likes to say that they fund operations (they do!), so their needs should come first! But development teams deliver the product to sell. No product, no sales. No sales, no more product. Sales and development, like it or not, are partners! 

Product owners and developers don’t realize that the average salesperson loves the product as much as they do. For the salesperson, selling that product pays the rent or mortgage and buys food for the family. They care about software quality. They worry about ease of implementation. They crave great customer reviews and take pride in their customers’ satisfaction. The salesperson wants the product to be all it can be like the dev does! Salespeople are invested in the product’s success; they’ve staked their reputation on that product by choosing to sell it and carrying a stressful quota. 

So, let’s talk about a brave new software testing model that dramatically reduces how much time it takes to find valid defects. With Testaify in charge of functional testing, developers can spend more time doing what they love: coding! Testaify keeps up with the application as issues get fixed by modeling the system anew, finding new issues, and helping developers ramp up product quality with each sprint. When throughput accelerates, sales reaps the rewards, selling stellar products that attract and retain users. 

With Testaify, developers can:

  1. Release faster because Testaify’s AI worker bees handle testing.
  2. Release a better product (who doesn’t love software quality??).
  3. Get through the product roadmap more quickly because teams are no longer spending the lion’s share of their time writing and maintaining test cases to [hopefully] find issues. 
  4. Have time to shift left and build quality in the product with practices like Behavior-Driven Development (BDD).
  5. Have time for exploratory testing.
  6. Achieve Continuous Comprehensive Testing.
  7. Have bandwidth for product and feature enhancement requests from sales prospects through the product team.
  8. Have more time to engage with your install base of users. (Yay, surveys, reviews, testimonials, and advisory groups!)
  9. Meet user needs and expectations. 
  10. Better partner with the sales team!

With Testaify, sales can:

  1. See your feature requests come to life at a pace that positively affects your ability to meet their quotas THIS FISCAL YEAR.
  2. Have a better product to sell. 
  3. Be more competitive in the market. 
  4. Know devs and product owners hear and understand prospect needs.
  5. Have confidence that the sale you close today can be retained next year.
  6. Better partner with the development team!

The team behind Testaify eats, sleeps, and dreams product quality. We’re redesigning software testing to fix the fundamental issues affecting quality to give both devs and sales what they need: an easier path to product quality. No, to PRODUCT EXCELLENCE. 

The last word: Devs and Sales, you’re on the same team. Don’t fight. Don’t hate. Get on the Testaify waitlist to take advantage of what we’re doing with testing. Your quotas deserve Testaify. Your roadmap does, too. We’re changing the world by changing testing forever. Stopppppp praying for quality. 

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Lisa Fatolitis is Testaify's marketing director and loves to be on the forefront of the AI revolution. Let's change testing forever! Lisa Fatolitis, Testaify's marketing director, is excited to be with this team on the front lines of the AI revolution. She has an MBA with a marketing emphasis and a BA in Medieval History, two cats, and loves designing marketing programs that unite products with the people who need them. Lisa is a certified product owner. 

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